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Here at Arinova Fitness it’s all about advocating a lifestyle change through positive support and encouragement! Here are our different plans to meet your training needs!

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Door To Door Personal training

Looking to get the best shape of your lives? Engage a personal trainer with us to provide personalised training for you. What’s more? It’s at the very convenience of your doorstep!

Group Training At Popular Hotspots

Join our fun and engaging fitness sessions where like minded individuals come together to grow, sweat and enjoy the training session together!


Capable of training on your own but feel like you are in need of a proper training plan or nutritional guide to bring your body to its best shape.

24/7 live Online Personal Coaching

Hoping to get fitter but find it hard to have time to head to your nearest gym? Always on the move? We provide our very own 1-1 live personal training session at the comfort of your own space.

Meet The Team

Picture of Luther, our trainer

Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless. Never be afraid to take the first step forward!


Picture of Kyra

May the adversities you face today turn you into a better person tomorrow


Picture of ZhongRui, our trainer.

Walk your own path and dream bigger than what they think you could ever achieve


About Us

Arinova Fitness was first started out as an initiative to create awareness for the importance of physical fitness in this digital age. We look forward to like-minded individuals who are looking to challenge themselves physically and mentally and want to make a change in their lifestyle. We aim to bring fitness classes to the vast majority making it affordable and highly accessible with experienced trainers putting our client’s satisfaction and safety as our top priority.
Our trainers with their trainees

Our Mission

To advocate and enhance fitness experiences conveniently and sustainably to our clients to create a holistic lifestyle which allows us to bridge the gap of having better connection for our trainers to their clients.

Our Vision

To be that one stop platform that makes fitness training experience seamless, complete and convenient

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Join us in this journey to create a healthier and fitter lifestyle. You are not in this alone.

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